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  1. Think of it this way…


    The Avengers are every person you see in high school.

    The shy nerd


    The asshole you just can’t hate


    The hot foreign guy


    The athlete


    The quiet guy who’s always playing guitar and probably smoking something


    His bitchy/bad ass girlfriend (depending on if she likes you or not)


    The emo kid that somehow gets all the chicks


    And that one cheerleader that EVERYONE knows has a hard-on for the athlete


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  3. Blair  + her aversion to Humphrey 

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  6. ”It’s not true we are taking different paths. You are my path. You’ve always been my path, and you will always be.”

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  7. [1/25] Favorite Male CharactersIndiana Jones

    → “All your life has been spent in pursuit of archaeological relics. Inside the Ark are treasures beyond your wildest aspirations. You want to see it opened as well as I. Indiana, we are simply passing through history. This… this is history.”

  8. Either of you ever go to Sunday school?

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    Indiana Jones

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